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If you want to find out about what is going on at The Gathering Place, you have come to one of the right places.  We also suggest that you take a look at our Blog, ​Events Calendar, and Facebook Page.

  • {EDUCATION} Because higher levels of education lead to better employment opportunities and because roughly 47% of TGP adult members did not stay in school to get their high school diploma, The Gathering Place provides an educational opportunity for members to get their high school equivalency degree.

  • There are many ways that the community supports The Gathering Place. Organizing a donation drive can be a fun way for families or companies to come together around the holidays. Why not get started early and collect food for the pantry at The Gathering Place now?

  • Are you looking for a full-time job? Please take a look at the latest job announcements and apply to join our team.

  • The Gathering Place will be closed all day on Tuesday, October 11th for a team building Staff Meeting. We will be open for our regular hours (8:30am-5:00pm) on Wednesday.

  • {HEALING} There are many ways that “healing” applies to the work we do at The Gathering Place, especially in our Physical and Mental Health Program.

  • Please visit and like the Facebook page for our social enterprise Art Restart.

  • {TINA} Our annual Tina Stein celebration will be on Tuesday, September 27th. For those of you who did not get a chance to meet Tina, she was an amazing staff person who focused on fun, music and connecting with members. Tina was The Gathering Place’s first employee who had experienced homelessness, and one of her most famous quotes is, “We are here to do with, not for.”

  • We are increasing the price of member handmade cards from $2 to $3 starting October 1st (more about why below). Until then, you can come by during our regular business hours and stock-up on these $2 mini masterpieces for the holidays. Steve, our Arts Program Manager promises that "there’s not a dud in the bunch."


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