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The Board of Directors has selected Julia Stewart as the new President of The Gathering Place. Stewart will replace current President Leslie Foster, who announced her retirement earlier this year.

High School Equivalency intake testing starts Friday, May 31.

This Mother’s Day, please remember the women in Denver who are struggling to raise their children in poverty. In just Colorado, there are 370,000 women and children living in poverty. You can help.

We would like to encourage our community to vote in the upcoming Denver Municipal Election on May 7. For general information, please visit the League of Women Voters of Denver. On their website, they have arguments for and against some of the larger ballot measures. 

Intake sessions for our High School Equivalency program start on Friday, April 26 and will continue on Monday, April 29 and Wednesday, May 1.

Over 13,000 transgender individuals serve in the United States Armed Forces, making the military the single largest employer of transgender individuals. This ban is devastating for individuals and families.

Leslie Foster, President and CEO of The Gathering Place, remembers former board member and Civil Rights pioneer Kathryn Sue Bates Gavin.

When the editor and publisher of an Alabama newspaper called on the KKK to “ride again”, he faced immediate backlash from the community and state leadership. Now, he’s being replaced… by a black woman.

The Washington Post reports: “The 12-year-old gave her name and phone number and mentioned that she was a member of the media. She said [Joseph Patterson] told her, ‘I don’t want to hear about any of that freedom-of-the-press stuff’ and added that he would have her arrested and thrown in juvenile jail.” So she started recording.

Smartphone location tracking has come under scrutiny before, but a new app exploits that data. Now, Google and Apple are under pressure to intervene.

What happens when an entire world is designed off of one set of data? Inequity. And it happens in ways you wouldn’t expect.

A series of studies have found that gender stereotypes may have a damaging effect on how adults—and even doctors—perceive pain felt by women.

Two years ago, the Navy’s elite special warfare operated billets opened enrollment to women. Now, the first female candidates are stepping up to the challenge.

It is less safe for American women to give birth now than it was for their mothers. Now, women are working to finally understand the science of childbirth.

For decades, women’s contributions to science have been lost or ignored. Now, two women are working to change that.

A Pennsylvania grand jury found that for decades, 300 "predator priests" had abused at least 1,000 victims in six of the state's eight dioceses. German church leaders detailed the cases of more than 3,600 children who were abused by clergy between 1946 and 2014. In October, Pope Francis defrocked two Chilean bishops for what the Vatican called "manifest abuse of minors." And now, Pope Francis has admitted that nuns were subject to “sexual slavery” at the hands of church leadership.

Toni Morrison has a lot to say about feminism. Her definition may provide insight into how to shape our future.

After a district judge ruled last November that a federal law banning female genital mutilation in the United States was unconstitutional, activists warned that the ruling could put tens of thousands of girls at risk.

The National Press Photographers Association awarded the NPPA Humanitarian Award to Kathleen Flynn, an independent photographer and documentary filmmaker, for her career covering human rights issues and injustices.

Women were the pioneers of coding and computer science. But in the mid-1980s, everything changed. Now, colleges and businesses are scrambling to invite women back into the field they founded.

Two women spoke Spanish. Moments later, they were under arrest. Their story is a glimpse into the controversy of border areas and the legal ambiguity that is now under fire.

Once the punchline of late night comedy, Lorena Bobbitt is finally telling her story.

Despite the Grammy’s woman-forward focus, women represent just 21 percent of all music artists and less than three percent of industry workers.

International Women’s Day exists because of organized movements by working women across the globe. Learn the full history, and learn how you can support women in your community today.

When Betty Dukes launched her lawsuit against retail giant Walmart, she allowed her story to be a window into the everyday life of low-income America. Her suit failed, but the discrimination continued. Now, women are taking Walmart back to court.

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