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Our third floor has 740 square feet of office space that is available for rent. This includes private offices and cubicle space. It would be perfect for a small nonprofit or start-up! 

We realize that this period has led to immense uncertainty for furloughed federal workers and their families, as well as families dependent on benefits like SNAP. The Gathering Place, however, is a place of certainty; we would like to extend that to all women and transgender individuals affected by the federal government shutdown. We serve three meals a day and have a food pantry that our members can access.

Just 19 years old and new to Denver, Corazon sold the watch her father gave her so she could pay her rent. In those early days, she said, “I would eat a single slice of bread and drink many glasses of water until I could pay for food again.”

Corazon, now 77, is one of the 2.9 million US women and 35,000 Colorado women over the age of 65 who are experiencing poverty. Women are more likely to live in poverty at every stage of their life, and a woman’s longer life expectancy means the lower wages and financial hits they took throughout their life must be stretched further, but a dollar can only stretch so far. It is clear: as the Baby Boomer generation ages into retirement, women are aging into poverty.

It’s 2018 and women still make 83 cents (or less) to a white man’s dollar. The wage gap is real. It is systemic. And it is getting worse.

Despite claims otherwise, substantial research reveals that after controlling for race, region, unionization status, education, work experience, occupation, and industry 38 percent of the pay gap remains “unexplained” [1]. Our 30 years of experience and expertise suggests that discrimination is the “unexplained” factor.

The top 1% of Colorado’s earners capture 44% of all income generated. That’s a big problem for the people we serve.

A report from the Economic Policy Institute for the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN) revealed that in 2015, Colorado ranked 20th in the country for income inequality and with the top 1 percent capturing 44 percent of all income growth in the last 45 years.

At The Gathering Place, we see this as a narrow snapshot into a larger problem of a city and state in the midst of a population and economic boom that has left countless families behind.

Just four years ago, Teri was pregnant and alone. She came to The Gathering Place is search of support, basic needs, and resources.

"It was such a low point in my life," she said, “I had no idea what to do.”

But she was able to find stability in her life. Fast-forward four years, and she was ready to buy her first home with her fiancé, Kyle, and four-year old daughter, Cassie. When she found Kimberly from Conscious Real Estate, she knew she had found a way to give back.

“Our deep concern is that thousands of children are currently being subjected to practices that were determined to be inhumane decades ago,” says Leslie Foster, President of The Gathering Place, “That is not our community, that is not what we stand for.”

Although the policy has been rescinded by Executive Order, there is still no plan in place to reunite separated children with their parents. In addition, it appears that children are lost in the system, throughout the country. Currently, the government appears to be seeking court permission to put children and families into unlicensed situations.

For Leslie Foster and the employees of The Gathering Place, the initial policy, and now the aftermath, has one clear effect: re-traumatizing thousands of children.

On Wednesdays, we highlight a few items that our members need most. This week, we're wishing for donations of travel-size toiletries, baby formula, and razors.

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Bayaud Enterprises, Inc.​ to bring #TheLaundryTruck to TGP. It is here for the first time today - Monday, June 4th.


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