What we accomplished last year

If you are familiar with The Gathering Place, you already know that we provide a wide range of services and programs for women, children, and transgender individuals. You may not know, however, how many people we assist annually or how often people use our services. To answer questions like “What did The Gathering Place accomplish last year?”, we provide an annual Services Report. It describes how our programs and services help meet the various needs that bring people through our door.

For example, during the fiscal year that ended September 30, 2015:
• 7,952 individuals visited The Gathering Place 61,071 times
• 60,679 meals were served to 4,617 individuals
• 82 students participated in the GED Program and 2 of them earned GEDs

We certainly feel some pride in having served so many people, but we are also pleased about having grown our expertise in trauma-informed care practices and are excited about foundations that have been established for evolving our Member Engagement Steering Committee and for growing Art Restart. Read the full FY2015 Services Report here. These are, indeed, inspiring times for The Gathering Place.

Many Thanks to the Kind Generosity of The Gathering Place Donors