{CARING} Perhaps as we post our 12th of 30 words for 30 weeks, it has already become clear that caring for one another is a key component to the community at The Gathering Place. One thing that might not be so obvious is that we also rely on the caring support of individuals and groups throughout the Denver metropolitan community. People who care deeply about issues of equity, poverty, and homelessness. People moved by the struggle of thousands who are experiencing poverty or homelessness, our volunteers and partners choose to engage in finding solutions and offering support.

Recently, three groups - Convergint Technologies LLC, Wakely Consulting Group, and brothers Jeff and Pete – have exemplified that caring spirit that improves our community from inside and outside of The Gathering Place’s walls. We thank them and all of our wonderful community partners!

Please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TheGatheringPlaceDenver/ and click on the photos to learn more about each group’s contributions to TGP.

Week 12 of 30 ‪#‎TheGatheringPlace30‬

Many Thanks to the Kind Generosity of The Gathering Place Donors