{CONNECTEDNESS} A few years ago, the Board, staff, and other stakeholders at The Gathering Place undertook the tasks of revising the mission and vision statements. The mission developed rather smoothly and without much dispute. The vision, however, took some time and resulted in many vigorous debates. One of the most contested points was about using the word connectedness. Some argued that it isn’t a real word. Some asked if the word connected could be used instead. Proponents for the word were steadfast and insisted that it spoke to TGP's sense of community in a way that meant we all impact each other whether we know it or not.

The word does exist and is a term used in psychology, mathematics, and in a personality assessment tool called StrengthsFinder – which TGP staff have used for teambuilding purposes for many years. According to http://www.leadershipvisionconsulting.com/, “People with the strength of Connectedness have a unique way of seeing events, people and the world, able to recognize instinctively that everything that happens is caused by something else. There is a ‘ripple’ that connects people and events together.”

On a concrete level, though, connectedness can be seen in the way a smile, laugh, or yawn can be infectious. Take a little time today to smile at someone you don’t know and see what happens. It is quite possible that you will start a ripple of good feelings, which are much needed these days.

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