{ENGAGE} Even in an agency as steeped in community as The Gathering Place, divisions and labels can become the embedded norm. This can result in an underutilization of the community’s full potential or –worse– in not adequately and effectively meeting the real needs of those the agency intends to serve. Nearly a year ago and with guidance from CHARG Resource Center, we formed a committee to engage our members who receive services in agency decision-making processes alongside staff, Board members, and volunteers. The Member Engagement Steering Committee (MESC) is co-chaired by a member and a Board member and meets monthly.

MESC is in part a think tank or listening space, but also the group already took on a major project and is working to get members engaged in other agency committees, like the committee that organizes our annual Tina Stein Day picnic and party. There have been hurdles, but MESC is working to remove as many of them as possible and ensure that members have a voice in decisions that impact them on a daily basis. This includes the Board governance level and members have been invited to attend the goal-setting portion of the Board Retreat on August 19. Preceding the retreat, the MESC is hosting an information session during their next meeting on August 16.

If you are a TGP member who is interested in the work of MESC or wants to attend the goal-setting portion of the Board Retreat, please let a staff member know and we will connect you with folks on the committee.

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