Colorado Gives Day 2016

Colorado Gives Day 2016

Beginning today, you can schedule your Colorado Gives Day 2016 donation for The Gathering Place and directly impact the lives of our members, like Maureen and her daughter Alice*, who face additional hardships as they struggle to meet their needs during the coldest season of the year. By visiting and scheduling your gift early, you ensure that The Gathering Place will receive it on December 6th and you will join thousands of donors across the state who give where they live.

Double Incentives! By giving to The Gathering Place for Colorado Gives Day, the value of your donation will be increased via Community First Foundation and FirstBank’s $1 Million Incentive Fund and YOU will have a chance to win a special TGP tote bag and coaster set! To help us meet this year’s ambitious goal of more than 700 donors on Colorado Gives Day, we will be sending a tote bag and coaster set to every 100th donor! The tote and coasters feature designs by members who participate in our art programs, which include creative writing, fiber arts, music, and The Card Project.

Special thanks to (AKA Community First Foundation) and FirstBank for making Colorado Gives Day possible again this year!

*names have been changed to protect our member's privacy

Many Thanks to the Kind Generosity of The Gathering Place Donors