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Women in the News is an online publication by The Gathering Place that rounds up local and national stories that impact and influence the work we do to support women, transgender individuals, and their children experiencing poverty and homelessness. 

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Current Issue: July 30, 2019

Like A Natural Woman: Why Taboos About Discussing the Female Body are Dying (The Guardian) -- “There is definitely a sense that the stigma surrounding women’s health is being taken away by women themselves. They’re saying: these are our bodies, this is how they work and society has to make allowances for that because we are half the population.” Read the full story here.

Women in Science: Smashing Glass Ceilings and Glass Walls (BBC News) -- "Don't be daunted, hang in there, work hard, of course, be courageous." Read more here.

Girls are Bearing the Brunt of a Rise in US Cyberbullying (The Associated Press) -- "Broken down by gender, 21% of girls in middle and high school reported being bullied online or by text message in the 2016-17 school year, compared with less than 7% of boys." Read the full article here.

The Devastating Consequences of Food Insecurity -- Two in three Americans will struggle to afford basic needs, even if they don’t qualify for federal benefit programs like SNAP. Food insecurity, or the inability to access quality, nutritious food, have devastating consequences at all stages of life. Read more here.

Why Women Getting Abortions Now Are More Likely to be Poor (The New York Times) -- "Half of all women who got an abortion in 2014 lived in poverty, double the share from 1994, when only about a quarter of the women who had abortions were low-income" reports The New York Times. Read the full article here.

Inside Apollo mission control, from the eyes of the first woman on the job (National Geographic) -- "Now, when the former engineer turned women’s rights advocate turned criminal defense attorney looks back on her historic career, she sees an infuriating disconnect between her accomplishments and the era’s ability to acknowledge them." Read the full article here.

Meet 4 Teen Eco-Activists Hustling to Save the Planet -- Across the nation, young women are organizing movements to save the planet. And with barely more than a decade left to make serious changes, these are the women we need. Read more here.

Art Restart Launches New Journal Designs (Art Restart Blog) -- Our social enterprise, Art Restart, has launched three new journal designs. See the new products here.

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