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Women in the News is an online publication by The Gathering Place that rounds up local and national stories that impact and influence the work we do to support women, transgender individuals, and their children experiencing poverty and homelessness. 

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Current Issue: August 27, 2019

How Black Suffragettes Subverted the Domestic Sphere (The Atlantic) -- “One hundred years after the passage of the 19th Amendment guaranteed white women the right to vote, [Anna Julia] Cooper’s work still offers an instructive lens through which to consider social movements and interpersonal dynamics alike.” Read the full story here.

The Next Recession is Going to be Brutal (The Rolling Stone) -- “A Gallup poll released in January found 48 percent of Americans felt economic conditions were worsening — a trend that had steadily progressed in preceding months — despite the fundamentals remaining strong. At issue was thefact that the benefits of a strong economy were not being broadly shared by all Americans." Read here.

John Oliver: Bias in Medical Care is a Discussion We "Need to Have" (The Guardian) -- "John Oliver argued for an honest discussion around gender and racial bias in medical care, noting that 'if you are a woman and/or a person of color in the US, you may well have a very different relationship to our healthcare system than a white man'." Read the full article here. Plus, read this article about how women may be more likely to report experiencing pain... and how that has affected opioid addiction.

If a Child is Jailed and No One is There to Hear Him Cry (The Atlantic) -- "It’s far too early to know the long-term effects of throwing a child into a facility for weeks or months at a time. But psychologists and advocates already hear stories of trauma." Read more here.

The Devastating Consequences of Food Insecurity -- Two in three Americans will struggle to afford basic needs, even if they don’t qualify for federal benefit programs like SNAP. Food insecurity, or the inability to access quality, nutritious food, have devastating consequences at all stages of life. Read more here.

Black Mothers Keep Dying After Giving Birth. Shalon Irving's Story Explains Why (NPR) --"The researcher working to eradicate disparities in health access and outcomes had become a symbol of one of the most troublesome health disparities facing black women in theU.S. today: disproportionately high rates of maternal mortality." Read the full article here.

Hearts Are Melting Over Little Girl Admiring a Beauty Ad Depicting a Woman in a Wheelchair (The Good News Network) -- “She got to see herself in this picture, and that planted a seed for her to see that there is a place for kids like her in this world.” Read more here.

Tote-ally Great: New Tote Bag Designs (Art Restart Blog) -- Our social enterprise, Art Restart, has launched three new amazing tote bag designs. See the new products here.

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