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Resources for Those Affected by the Transgender Military Ban

Over 13,000 transgender individuals serve in the United States Armed Forces, making the military the single largest employer of transgender individuals. This ban is devastating for individuals and families.

We would like to welcome all transgender individuals who may need extra assistance. We serve three meals a day and have a food pantry that our members can access. Please see our program calendar to see if any of our other programs or services may be useful during this time.

If you are new to The Gathering Place, here is what to expect:


  • Come to our location at 1535 High Street, Denver, CO 80212. We do not require any identification. Go to the Welcome Desk and let them know you are new to us.
  • Fill out the intake form. It is a short document.
  • If you would like a meal, let the staff at the Welcome Desk know that you would like a meal ticket. We serve breakfast from 8:30-9:30 am, lunch from 11:30am-12:30pm, and a heavy snack from 3:30pm-4pm. You can also take a sack lunch; we stop giving out sack lunches at 11:30am.
  • After you fill out your intake form, you can go to our Resource Desk. They can schedule a food pantry appointment and answer any additional questions you may have.


  • Please note: you must have custody of the children that you bring with you.
  • Come to our location at 1535 High Street, Denver, CO 80212.
  • Upon entering, immediately go to the third floor. There is an elevator right by the entrance.
  • Go to the third-floor desk to fill out the intake form. The desk will be immediately to your right as you exit the elevator.
  • The third-floor desk will help you with any additional resources you may need.
  • Please know that while we have a childcare area, you must remain in the building if you children are here.

We hope that you find these resources helpful.

For more information about the Transgender Military Ban: 

From Axios:

“After April 12, no one diagnosed with gender dysphoria who is taking hormones or has transitioned to another gender will be allowed to enlist, per the Associated Press, and those currently serving can be discharged for doing so.”

Read the full story, including a timeline of events that lead to this policy, here.

From Reuters:

“’Studies suggest there are likely to be thousands of trans troops who have not disclosed their identity and will be forced to choose between their career and living openly,’ said Blake Dremann, of the SPART*A organization for trans military members.

‘The rules will have an impact on the mental health of trans troops,’ said Jillian Scheer, a postdoctoral research fellow at Yale University.”

Read the full article here.

From NPR:

“’I have so much invested in the military,’ says B. ‘The reasons why I joined haven't changed...I joined right after September 11th. That had a profound impact on me and my ability to give back,’ adding that the military is where they found purpose.”

Read the B’s full story here.