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Board of Directors

The Gathering Place's Board of Directors

The Gathering Place’s Board of Directors is comprised of members from various community sectors. The Board strives to reflect a diversity of perspectives, experiences and skills, including representation from historically marginalized communities and those with lived experiences of poverty, homelessness, substance misuse, and/or mental health issues. Board members are chosen by a nominating committee and elected by the full board to a term of three years. A board member may serve up to two consecutive terms. The Board meets monthly and all members contribute financially in addition to raising funds on behalf of the organization. Board members serve to supervise the President, advise on key issues, and vote on governance-level decisions. Outside of The Gathering Place, they serve as essential ambassadors for the organization's mission and purpose.

Executive Committee

Maya Wilbourn, Chair
Community Volunteer • Immigration Attorney

Julian Benz, Vice-Chair
Community Volunteer

Shawnda Merriman, Secretary
Senior Vice President of Post Purchase Operations • Redwood Trust

Cathy Skulnik, Treasurer
Vice President • Sandbox Industries


Michelle Murray, Immediate Past Chair
Community Volunteer • Doula and Childbirth Educator

Elizabeth Ferguson
Vice President Commercial Excellence • Rx Benefits, Inc. 

Tasha Small
Human Services Supervisor • City and County of Denver, Department of Human Services

Elissa Soden
Impact Consultant • The New Search Collaborative

Jana Persky
Chief of Staff • CareerWise

Derrek Hidalgo
VP of Nursing Services & Chief Nursing Officer • Craig Hospital

Johnna Flood
Co-Creator of Elevated Denver 

Carlene Graham
Chief Operating Officer • Redwood Trust

Megan Devenport (Non-voting)
Chief Executive Officer • The Gathering Place


Are you interested in joining our Board of Directors or a Committee?
We are recruiting new Board members and invite you to apply via the form below. Please note that we are committed to diversity and are looking to fill Board positions with people who have specific skill sets and/or are part of underrepresented communities.  Candidates not selected for the Board of Directors may be invited to start on a Committee. If you have any questions about our recruiting and application process, please feel free to contact Megan Devenport.

Board Application
First Name
Last Name
Phone number
Why are you interested in serving on TGP’s Board of Directors?
How do you see yourself contributing to the work of our Board; areas of interest/expertise, personal connections, passions or skills?
The Gathering Place community is diverse and includes people who are disenfranchised, experiencing poverty or homelessness. Please describe your work with or connections to individuals/communities who face similar challenges.
If you have served or currently serve on a Board please tell us about your experience.
TGP Board Members are required to attend a monthly Board meeting and a monthly committee meeting, resulting in a time commitment of 4-6 hours/month. Are you able to make this commitment? (check one)
TGP Board members are asked to financially support TGP to the best of their ability (i.e., TGP should be in the top three organizations any Board member supports). Are you able to make this commitment? (check one)
How did you find out about TGP and our Board volunteer opportunity? (e.g., Google search, my friend is on the Board, Julia suggested I apply.)


The Gathering Place is committed to diversity and inclusivity.  At this time, the Board of Directors is recruiting candidates who have certain skill sets and/or are part of underrepresented communities.

Skill Sets/Profession (check all that apply)
Gender (check all that apply)
Historically Marginalized Communities (check all that apply)
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