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our mission

The Gathering Place (TGP) offers services to combat poverty and address the impacts of marginalization and oppression that are often contributing factors to poverty or homelessness. By offering low-barrier access to a broad range of basic necessities and wrap-around care options, TGP guides women, transgender and non-binary individuals, and children living in poverty from a place of crisis and instability to one of stability and security. While we refer to those we serve as "members," no fees are ever charged for programs or services.

We believe deeply in the power of our community and continually work to strengthen it. Our key values include recognizing individual strengths, building respect and trust, and offering unconditional acceptance. 

Latest from The Gathering Place

Can you feel the anticipation in the air? Colorado Gives Day is just around the corner, and I bet your inbox is blowing up with emails about it (ours certainly is). Now, you might be wondering, "Why should I support TGP this Colorado Gives Day?” Well, we’re glad you asked. This month’s blog will unravel the Colorado Gives Day magic and show you the real impact a donation can make on a member's journey. 

As October comes to an end, we feel it’s crucial to spotlight an issue that demands our attention and collective action: Domestic Violence Awareness Month and its impact on our community. Every survivor has a story, and their courage in breaking free from the chains of domestic violence (DV) deserves acknowledgment. This is a silent epidemic. Behind closed doors, many people are trapped in a cycle of fear, manipulation, and abuse.

A few months back, we had a post on social media that got some serious traction – it was all about busting the myths around homelessness. We thought it was time to revisit this conversation because it's complicated, and there's a lot of misunderstanding. At TGP, our core mission is supporting people navigating poverty and helping them find stability. We've got some additional facts to add to these myths, and we'd love your help spreading the word and setting the record straight.