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our mission

The Gathering Place (TGP) offers services to combat poverty and address the impacts of marginalization and oppression that are often contributing factors to poverty or homelessness. By offering low-barrier access to a broad range of basic necessities and wrap-around care options, TGP guides women, transgender and non-binary individuals, and children living in poverty from a place of crisis and instability to one of stability and security. While we refer to those we serve as "members," no fees are ever charged for programs or services.

We believe deeply in the power of our community and continually work to strengthen it. Our key values include recognizing individual strengths, building respect and trust, and offering unconditional acceptance. 

Latest from The Gathering Place

A few months back, we had a post on social media that got some serious traction – it was all about busting the myths around homelessness. We thought it was time to revisit this conversation because it's complicated, and there's a lot of misunderstanding. At TGP, our core mission is supporting people navigating poverty and helping them find stability. We've got some additional facts to add to these myths, and we'd love your help spreading the word and setting the record straight.

As we immerse ourselves in Pride Month's vibrant colors and infectious joy, it is crucial to reflect on the ongoing challenges faced by the queer community. While Denver has made strides in protecting and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, there remains a persistent issue: the marginalization of queer individuals, especially when accessing safe and affordable housing.

Paula has been an integral part of The Gathering Place (TGP) family for over two decades, growing and evolving alongside the organization. Her story is a moving example of what being in community at TGP looks like. From homelessness to volunteering, Paula and her six kids have received much-needed stabilizing assistance, nutritious meals and found a sense of belonging in a space that celebrates and uplifts Black individuals. "We became family here," Paula said.