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Giving Stock

Give Stock

Generous contributors have long enjoyed the opportunity to make charitable gifts of stock to The Gathering Place, bypassing the payment of capital gains tax, and in the process, also reducing federal income taxes.

If you decide to give a gift of stock to our organization, we can help you:

  • The Gathering Place has partnered with a stock-giving tool that walks you through the process of making a gift in under 5 minutes. Learn more about stock gifts and their impact today.
  • You will receive an immediate acknowledgement letter from our office for your records.
  • When you file and itemize your taxes, you will qualify for a charitable deduction for the stock’s value on the date of the transfer of the stock.

You may choose to either hand deliver or mail stock certificates to The Gathering Place. Please consult us if you have questions.

To transfer stock directly to Fidelity from a non-Fidelity account, you will need the following information:
Fidelity's DTC #: 0226
Our Account Name: The Gathering Place
Our Account Type: Corporate
Our Tax ID #: 84-1021059
Our Account #: Z73-348724

Fidelity's Mailing Address:
Fidelity Investments
Attn: TOA Receives
PO Box 770001
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0036

Fidelity Contact

To contact Fidelity about making a transfer of stock to The Gathering Place, call 866-755-6372 and select Option 3.

The Gathering Place contact

To contact The Gathering Place about making a transfer of stock, please contact