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Tax Credit

Tax Credit

You can earn a tax credit for your gift to The Gathering Place. Below are the two tax credit programs that apply to donations made to The Gathering Place.


The Gathering Place (TGP) is designated as a Homeless Contribution Tax Credit (HCTC) organization. This designation makes it possible for TGP to offer its donors a 25% Colorado state income tax credit on qualifying cash contributions of $250 or more. The HCTC was formerly offered through the Enterprise Zone (EZ).

Tax Credits should be submitted within 2 weeks of making the donation. Please note donations from Donor Advised Funds and intermediary organizations are ineligible for this credit. An exception has been made for the 2023 Holiday Season (Nov.1- Dec. 31. Requests for donations made October-December must be submitted by January 5th).

This credit requires the donor’s full social security number. In order to protect this information, we ask that donors fill out their own request form through the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA)’s donor portal. The following instructions will allow you to submit your information, which will then be verified by TGP before you receive your HCTC tax credit certificate.

Click below for instructions.

Child Care Contribution Credit

Gifts of $1,000 or more, made in a single installment and designated to our Family Area, are eligible for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit. This allows up to 50% of your contribution to be used as a state tax credit. Stock and in-kind contributions are not eligible.

How do I receive a credit?

According to state regulations, the credit must be requested at the time of the donation. If making a donation by check, please specify the credit name and provide your contact information in the memo section. If using a credit card, please attach a note with the same information. If calling in your donation, please tell The Gathering Place representative.

Please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific tax situation.

For more information about these credits, contact

*Please note the EZ credit officially ended December 31, 2022 and is not available for 2023 donations.