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It has come to our attention that a group called “Optimum Reading Services” has been soliciting donations for The Gathering Place by going door-to-door.  

We have no relationship with Optimum Reading Services and do not do door-to-door solicitations. All donations are solicited through our own outreach (social media, email, direct mail, or our website) or a trusted third-party partner (Facebook, Colorado Gives, Community Shares, or Benevity).  

You can read about Optimum Reading Services on their BBB profile. Please do not engage with them and do not give them a check or any other form of payment.  

If you are approached by a representative from Optimum Reading Services and are told that they are collecting donations on behalf of The Gathering Place, do not give any money. Instead, we ask that you file a report with the Attorney General’s office. You can do so here.  

Please keep in mind that from time to time, board members and volunteers from our organization will make calls for donations. If you receive a call and are unsure, ask the caller to verify your information. If you have any doubt or have any questions, please contact Chris Williams, Vice President of Resource Development, at 303-996-9027 or by email at  

Once again, we do not work with door-to-door solicitors. Anyone coming to your door claiming to be collecting money on behalf of The Gathering Place is likely involved in a scam. If you have any questions, contact us immediately. The best way to donate is directly to us via our website or via check mailed to our address.  


Julia Stewart, President and CEO 

Chris Williams, Vice President of Resource Development 

The Gathering Place is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your gift today is tax deductible and will make an immediate impact on the lives of the over 8,000 people we serve each year. If you would prefer to give by check, please mail check to: 

The Gathering Place
1535 High Street
Denver, CO 80218