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Elati Village, TGP's Micro-Community

The Gathering Place (TGP) is Denver’s sole shelter dedicated to enhancing the lives of women, children, transgender, and non-binary individuals facing homelessness and poverty. In 2020, recognizing the need for non-congregate housing, especially for transgender and gender-expansive adults, TGP began operating Rodeway Inn, a 24/7 shelter. Over three years, Rodeway's positive housing outcomes surpassed most congregate shelters. Now, with the development of the Elati Village micro-community, we aim to build upon this success, integrating lessons learned from Rodeway Inn. Our low-barrier, trauma-informed model prioritizes individualized wraparound support and community feedback to remove obstacles to resources and uplift our members.

*We cannot work with walk-ups or self-referrals at this time.

  • Comprehensive Support since 1986: The Gathering Place's commitment to comprehensive support for individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty has been consistent since its inception.
  • Disproportionate Impact on Transgender Individuals: Recent data underscores the disproportionate impact of homelessness on transgender individuals, especially in unsheltered circumstances.
  • Addressing the Shift in Community Needs: The Gathering Place has adapted to the evolving need of the community by establishing Elati Village and operating the micro-community.
  • Elati Village Features and Approach: The micro-community at Elati Village offers tailored support and shelter for vulnerable populations, with a strong emphasis on inclusion and belonging. On-site case management ensures accessibility for all members. Developed with a community-centered design, Elati Village features amenities that foster a sense of belonging and community among residents.
  • Measurable Impact: The positive housing outcomes of The Gathering Place, supported by HMIS data, underscore the effectiveness of our low-barrier and wraparound care model. TGP’s positive housing outcomes from Rodeway are 10x that of most congregate shelters. With the development of the Elati Village micro-community, our goal is to further enhance this success by integrating the valuable lessons learned from Rodeway Inn.
  • Innovative Collaborative Model: Elati Village's collaborative approach ensures that it effectively meets the diverse needs of its residents. TGP staff will maintain ongoing engagement with residents and members to gain deeper insights into the community's needs.
  • Trauma-Informed Services: The trauma-informed model adapted by The Gathering Place acknowledges and addresses the trauma often associated with experiencing homelessness. This approach will be practiced at Elati Village as well!

By addressing disparities, focusing on collaboration, trauma-informed care, community-centered design, and measurable impacts, Elati Village sets a new standard for inclusive and effective homelessness intervention models.