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Betsy's Cupboard

Betsy's Cupboard

During COVID-19, we are handing out pre-made food bags. Betsy's Cupboard provides members with 25 pounds, or two bags, of food every month. Members can choose to take "kitchen" bags that have food geared toward kitchen access or "on-the-go" bags that contain snack items. Members may access food bags any time at the Resource Desk.


Betsy's Cupboard depends on the help of our dedicated volunteers to meet the needs of The Gathering Place members each and every day. Volunteers assemble pre-made food bags to be distributed to members by staff. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer with Betsy's Cupboard, please contact our Volunteer Program Team at


Betsy's Cupboard is only made possible because of generous donations from our friends in the community. The Gathering Place is a proud partner of Food Bank of the Rockies and, as a result, we are able to purchase food at a significantly reduced price, stretching the value of your financial contribution. Make a donation to support Betsy’s Cupboard here.

If you would like to donate food or toiletry items to the Cupboard, you can purchase items from our Amazon wish list and have them shipped directly to The Gathering Place, or consult our list of needs below and feel free to stop by during business hours to drop them off. If you have a large donation and you need assistance carrying in your items, please give us a call in advance so we can schedule a time to assist you. Please remember that we do not accept opened or expired food or toiletries.

Have you ever thought of organizing a food drive? Any time of year is a good time and we would love to hear from you! If you would like to discuss setting up a food drive, please contact our In-Kind Donation Team at

For an updated list of our most needed donation items, please see the printable PDF below.