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High School Equivalency Classes

High School Equivalency Classes

[Note: High School Equivalency classes are currently on hold, but we are working to bring them back in the near future.]

High School Equivalency Class (formerly the GED Program) meets twice a week and holds on-site testing periodically. Intake for the High School Equivalency Class is held regularly; see "Intake Information" below. 

In addition, our Education Classroom hosts Skills Development Classes, Writers Groups, and more. 

Intake Information and Process

Important information: 

  • Pre-registration is not necessary, and no ID or proof of income is needed.

  • Please arrive when we open at 8:30 am and sign in at the welcome desk on the 1st fl.

  • Go to the 3rd floor classroom before 9 am.

  • There will be NO LATE ADMISSIONS.

  • All 3 days of intake are required to start classes

The program is free and starts the Monday following intake. The program is held every morning, Monday - Thursday. 

Childcare Information

Children who are not yet school age can have supervised play in the family area at no cost while participants are testing and in class.

Please note: A legal guardian must remain in the building while their child is in the family area.

High School Equivalency Testing

When participants are ready to take tests, the testing is also free.