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Nurturing Parenting® Program

The Community Based Education in Nurturing Parenting (CBENP) curriculum is a series of ten independent lessons that can be taught individually or as a series, meaning members can choose to attend as many or as few lessons as meets their needs, availability, and interest. The 90-120 minute lessons in the series are available in English and Spanish, and help caregivers to replace potentially abusive and/or neglectful parenting methods with positive, nurturing skills.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding and appropriately processing feelings
  • Promoting alternatives to physical discipline
  • Early childhood development.

When participants participate in classes, they are also able to access TGP’s full suite of services as well as assistance with child supervision.

The goals of the proposed project are:

  1. To promote healthy childhood development for TGP families who are experiencing homelessness and poverty
  2. To build on successes realized in the first year of offering the Nurturing Parenting® curriculum
  3. Invest in Family Program necessities to ensure children have access to play equipment that is in good condition and caregivers have access to basic resources.

The primary objective for participants is that parents and caregivers who attend Nurturing Parenting® classes at TGP will report increased knowledge and utilization of positive parenting skills as measured by pre- and post-class assessments.