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Wellness Program for Families

The Wellness Program helps with member's physical and mental health, recovery, and wellness. Staff listen and give support through peer recovery, action plans, goal setting, and more.  

Parents or caregivers can access a range of onsite wellness services while the Family Program offers assistance with children. In addition, TGP’s Arts and Wellness Program offers holiday celebrations and art activities for children. 

  • Peer Recovery Services: A peer recovery plan is a one-on-one guided plan with a Peer Recovery Specialist. This is in non-judgmental and comfortable space. Staff help set and achieve goals. Goals focus on community, home, health and purpose. 
  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP): WRAP helps people create the life they want. WRAP has simple and useful tools for setting goals. WRAP Plans help people overcome challenging past trauma and behaviors.  
  • Wellness Navigation Services: TGP can help members identify wellness needs. Staff offer resources and provide services for physical and mental health. This includes resources for recovery from drug and alcohol use, homelessness, trauma, sexual assault, domestic violence, trafficking and more. Members can find help for every part of their wellness journey.

The Wellness Program uses community programs to create connections and referrals. These services include physical and mental health care, dental care, STI testing, cancer screening and COVID testing and vaccines.