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Foster Personal Growth

Foster Personal Growth

Once members have addressed their basic needs, they then have the opportunity to focus on personal growth. There is no one right way to achieving personal growth at The Gathering Place, and for this reason we offer a wide array of options for members to choose from. The most important goal is to help those we serve maintain dignity and strive for independence.

Education and Job Readiness Program

Our Education and Job Readiness Program empowers members to increase their earning potential through learning and skill-building opportunities. In collaboration with the Community College of Denver, our High School Equivalency Program provides students with classroom instruction and pays 100% of testing fees. For students who need additional support before pursuing this level of education, we offer a Basic Skills Class that provides instruction in reading and math. 

Our volunteer-run Computer Lab is available to help members access the Internet and learn computer software skills.

Through Bridget's Boutique, our clothing bank, we distribute clothing to members who have an emergency need or require something specific for their workplace.

Physical and Mental Health Program

Our Physical and Mental Health Program brings partner agencies and volunteer heather professionals onsite, such as doctors, nurses, and counselors, to provide health screenings and deliver heath services.

Arts Program

The Arts Program provides a safe and supportive community for self-expression through various art forms, including visual, language, music, and fiber arts.

Pro Bono Legal Consultation

Pro Bono Legal Consultation is provided by private attorneys and by lawyers from Century Link.