Success Stories

At The Gathering Place, we accept people where they are at when they enter our doors. We offer essential basic services and personal growth programs to 7,000 people every year. The idea of what success looks like can be very different between each of those people. 

We invite you to join our community and to partner with us as we endeavor to support the women, children, and transgender individuals in Denver who are experiencing poverty or homelessness. Together we can make a difference.

Success Stories

I was a long haul truck driver for the better part of a decade and a waitress for what seemed like hundreds of years. Being homeless this past time was quite an experience for me. I bounced around between women’s shelters, stayed with friends, and had a stretch in transitional housing. The Gathering Place is like family to me. I personally appreciate the people I’ve met here and the help I received.  - Linda


I tried to go to different GED classes, but I couldn’t make it work. I was working and taking care of my son. It was a long journey, and a lot of information. A lot of people along the way encouraged me and my tutors just wouldn’t let me go. Thanks to The Gathering Place, I achieved my goal-- I passed my final test just before my 60th birthday!  - Berda



My sister and I had lived in our apartment for almost two years. We didn’t want the kids to see us getting kicked out, so we moved out early. I found The Gathering Place after we moved in with friends. I love coming here because I feel a warmth and loving spirit when you enter the building, but even more when we come into the Family Program. I’m glad to have a safe place for my kids to stay during the day. It’s hard, but we’ll take it step by step, day by day, and we’ll start over again.  - Yadira